Got some pain your doctor can’t fix?

rückenschmerzen 1When most people can’t find relief for their issues with a simple visit to the doctor, many are turning to other methods for a possible cure and to help them cope. However, most of these alternative forms of treatment are untested and unsafe for the majority of people. Chiropractic services on the other hand, have not only been recommended by many doctors as a supplement form of treatment, but also have shown to be hugely beneficial in the scientific community through a variety of studies.

The reason for this becomes obvious after a few short sessions with a chiropractor. Chiropractic treatment involves natural stress release on one of the most important structures in our body, the spine. Not only are normal spinal issues dealt with in a trip to the chiropractor, such as spinal realignment and physiotherapy, but many more unconventional ailments are also treated at the same time that are nervous system related. A lot of people don’t realize just how connected many of the regular issues that we face are with the spinal cord and nervous system, and just how effective a simple chiropractic session can be in treating these.

Did you know that ailments such as a simple headache or even psychological problems can be related due to stress on the spinal cord? Why spend unnecessary money on expensive alternative treatments that often do nothing when an inexpensive single trip to the chiropractor can solve many common illnesses and pains? See why many doctors and scientists suggest to supplement chiropractic treatment along with standard medicine and book a trip to your chiropractor today – you won’t regret it.

One of the reasons I became a Chiro myself is because of elbow pains no other doctor could fix. At the time, tennis meant the world to me. As you might of guessed, I had a bad case of tennis elbow.  As a result I was gaining weight and couldn’t play anymore.  It was truly a disappointment and I was very upset from it.

I went to countless MD’s, PT’s, DO’s, and a lot of other letters. In the end the only person that was able to help me was the DC around the block. I’m very thankful I decide to pay him a visit, it truly changed my life forever.   Now I am back to playing tennis and I decided to become a Chiro myself.

One thing most people do not often talk about is that o top of all this, treatments can also be a great stress reliever from everyday struggles. Even things such as emotional turmoil can be temporarily relieved or even completely removed with a single treatment.   Most folks are just too wound up and that does not translate well to your body.  After a simple realignment, you body is back to normal and you do not have to worry about everyday stresses.

In the event you should be in my neck of the woods, remember Back Bone Wellness for Chiropractor Cincinnati.

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There is No Other Way

There is this new miracle breakthrough formula that involves the use of pure garcinia cambogia extract. It is a seemingly useless plant that has done so much for the medical world. It has been in many different cures that were devleoped all over the world. A plant that scientists use to ignore is now the center of almost all research at this moment in time. As soon as a plant is found to have an extract that is potentially useful to humans, pretty much all other research is stopped and everyone focuses on production and possibilities for this new plant. They want to be the first to capitalize on the new plants, and to do that they have to be the first ones with a workable drug that uses it. It is a cruel world, and it is sad to think that these companies are only driven by profit, but it is absolutely the truth. There is nothing else that can motivate a company into spending money researching a plant.

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Curb Your Enthusiasm Injuries Abound!

By Larry Weilch

“Officer Krupke”

Season 7 | Episode 8

Complete Series

Ever think you’d see Larry David in women’s underwear? To think — there was once a point at which he didn’t consider himself an actor! That’s some method seriousness there, him throwing caution to the wind and saying, “Well, here’s my junk.” We suppose you have to respect that. With the penultimate episode coming next week — and the much-awaited true Seinfeld reunion on deck — we take a look at the most outrageous moments in what we’d argue was the best episode this season.

3. Panties in the Greene glove compartment. Of all the wives to be angry at you for leaving panties in the car, Susie Greene has to be the worst. So you can understand Jeff’s predicament, and why he begs Larry to claim that they were HIS panties. Larry agrees — “You’re a great fucking friend!” Jeff beams — but Susie doesn’t believe him, because Susie isn’t a complete moron. Also: We’re not sure how “Larry wears women’s underwear” explains why there are panties in Jeff’s glove compartment.

2. Elisabeth Shue as someone other than Elisabeth Shue. We previously discussed how famous a celebrity has to be to play themselves and not a character. One would think Elisabeth Shue is famous enough, but nevertheless she plays Virginia Sloane, an actress friend of the Greenes who’s auditioning for the part of George’s wife in the Seinfeld reunion.

Virginia Sloane is apparently a prominent actress, because Jerry Seinfeld says, “I’m surprised someone like her would even be in this.” (It’s impressive, by the way, how much Jerry has shown up this season; unlike the other Seinfeld cast members, he’s been in multiple episodes, with multiple scenes.) We’re guessing it was intended that Shue play herself, but she balked because of her plotline:

Her husband, during a drunken lunch, asks Cheryl if she would be interested in a threesome with the couple. (Shue’s actually married to Davis Guggenheim, the Oscar-winning director of An Inconvenient Truth.) Cheryl tells Larry she didn’t take the offer seriously, but the husband — who Larry, of course, barges in on and confronts — implies otherwise.

1. Car crash or cunnilingus. According to Larry and Jeff, those are the only two ways you can injure your neck. So when Victoria is forced to turn down the role as George’s wife (Jerry loved her) because of a neck injury, Larry and Jeff go to check out her car, which isn’t dented. And so, in Larry’s crazy brain, she must have hurt her neck performing oral sex on Cheryl.

He “confronts” Cheryl about this, who storms out of the restaurant (obviously) even though Larry tells her she now has the part. Not that Larry is too concerned, because Jeff needs his help: Susie officially doesn’t believe him. So Larry forms a plan that involves a cop mock–cursing out some children and a pair of pants he walked out of a clothing store wearing.

Next thing you know, Larry’s taking off his pants, and there’s the Larry David junk. Finally, Susie believes the story, which leads to the single funniest moment of the season so far: In the last shot, Jeff rings Larry’s doorbell, wearing a neck brace. “Larry, you have to tell Susie I was in a car accident!”

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How To Become An Ultrasound Technician

Becoming an ultrasound technician is an awesome way to get your foot in the door of the ever-expanding medical field. It may not be the easiest job to get because a certain amount of education is required. However it is not that difficult and the rewards are quite great as you can see.



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Quitting that Nasty Habit with Electronic Cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes quit the nasty habitIf you are thinking about quitting smoking, then congratulations are in order, because at least you are on the right track!  Now, how to figure out which method is best for you?  This is a difficult choice, one that many people struggle with because not everything works for everybody.  One such cessation aid that has been recently introduced is the electronic cigarette.  Having been highly lauded for it’s lessened risk on your health, for one, many people are turning to this method as a way to quit smoking.  Before you decide that this is the right way for you, take a look at some of the pros and cons of the electronic cigarette.

First, we will go over the pros.  If you are looking into the electronic cigarette as a means to an end, then it would be hard to argue that this isn’t an excellent way to quit smoking.  This method offers you the ability to inhale nicotine throughout your day, as needed, without also inhaling all of the extra chemicals that a cigarette contains (keep reading though, as you might be surprised that some e-cigs contain some carcinogens).  But, if you put things in perspective, you are still taking in fewer toxins than before, and the electronic cigarette is just a way for you to taper down your nicotine use.  Anything is better than continuing to smoke for the rest of your life.

However, it is important to be very aware of the cons of this product.  Not yet approved by the FDA as a 100% healthy way to cease smoking, studies have recently shown that some types of electronic cigarettes still contain a few of the cancer-causing agents that smokers are trying to get away from.   The electronic cigarette shouldn’t be looked at as a means to continue to smoke, but merely as a way to start lessening your nicotine intake, with the intention of quitting altogether at some point.

There are many other factors to look at when looking into electronic cigarettes, and you should definitely do your homework before deciding if this is right for you.  Just because they have been shown to still contain some chemicals, if you are using it as a means to an end, then the fact remains that you are still taking in way less toxins than before, with the intent to take in zero toxins in time.  Deciding that you want to quit smoking is tough, and finding a method to help you do so isn’t any easier.  However, if you research the options that are out there for you, and give them a chance to work for you while you work them properly, in time you will surely be successful if you stay strong and stay with it.

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Axillary Gland Disease and Its Corresponding Treatment

The purpose of this brief paper is for the prevention of local and constitutional disease and the conservation and treatment of the axillary glands. Although there has been little written on axillary gland disease, it is most interesting from a health and medical standpoint. Probably no group of lymphatic glands, except the cervical, are called upon as frequently to stop the progress of infection bound vascularwards, as the axillary glands. In fact, they do their work so well and so infrequently become dangerously involved in ratio to the numerous infections of the upper extremity, scapular regions and outer chest wall, and mamma that their presence is only realized when they become involved. (The public is much entitled to a fair conception of the hygienic and preventive measures.) This group of glands is slightly protected from infected wounds of the areas of their lymph channels drain. There are some small glands in the arm and fore-arm (these are often missing), and the epitrochlear of the elbow are the only nodes to delay infections entering directly into these glands. The so-called “Kernels under the arm” are of frequent occurrence and at first are taken lightly by the patient, especially if they are not having intense pain at the focus of the infection. As long as the glands are not swollen and painful neither the patient nor the physician feels anxious; but when chill and pain appear, and the red streaks form in the skin between the focus and the axillary glands, radical treatment of the infected area should be maintained and assistance should be given the glands in arresting the progress.

We have both the acute and chronic infections, but in the chronic infections we have more time for study and treatment; therefore only the acute conditions can be considered here.

The etiology is clear but extensive. Predisposed by age we find more cases in the young and in the laboring classes who are most active, certain occupations incurring special hazards in hand and arm injuries. Males are subject to these causes more than females. But, many cases are found in the females of child bearing period, from infected milk ducts and fissured nipples, females also from depilatory operations on the axilla, causing infections of the hair follicles. Many cases arise from constitutional debility and sedentary habits in persons who have thin loose skin and brittle nails causing hang-nails, which make ideal focci of infection. Gardners, farmers, carpenters and sportsmen should be careful. Formerly surgeons had frequent axillary infections, but since asepsis is more perfect we seldom see a case in surgeons.

Skin diseases cause many cases, such as ring worm, seborrheic, dermatitis, erythema, intertigo, eczema, scabies, furunculosis.

Primary infections may enter the axillary glands by direct contusion, subjecting the glandular tissue to infectious material such as traumatic injuries from punctures, gun shot wounds and fractures about the shoulder joint. From these sources any kind of pyogenic bacteria may enter. Primary infections usually are more destructive to the glands than secondary infections because the glands do not have so much time to form their resistance.

The exciting cause is bacterial, such as the pus forming organisms, tubercle baccilus, baccilus malignant oedema and others.

The tissue changes in glands vary according to the type of infection. Infection with the baccilus malignant oedema may be described as a solid confused indurated mass of vessels, connective and glandular tissue, without much swelling. With the pus forming organisms there are constant changes; gradual swelling and induration of the whole gland and surrounding tissue, with whipcord condition of lymphatic vessels to the gland involved. Cross sections of the glands at first show simple induration, which later breaks down into pus and abscess formation. It is when the gland becomes solid from induration that its function of filtering and fighting power over bacteria ceases, and the danger arises of the enemy bacteria getting through to the next group of glands or into the blood vascular system giving general blood poisoning or constitutional disease.

Symptomatology is fairly constant, depending upon the type and virulency of the infection, with temperature, swelling, pain, tenderness of the glands, often chills and general aching. Incubation period varies from a few days after the original site is exposed to infection, to several weeks. The duration depends upon the resistance of the individual, type of bacteria and its virus, and treatment.

By far the most important treatment is preventive; vaccination is probably premature. Training in hygiene, health habits, sterilization of wounds, and how to keep wounds aseptic, are of great assistance in keeping the axillary glands healthy. The active treatment varies with the type of infection. Here we must confine this paper to the simple and pus infections, leaving the tubercular, syphilitic, malignant oedema, tetanus, etc., to special study. The focci of both secondary and primary infections must be well drained and have frequent dressings. Regional skin diseases should have immediate attention. Free catharsis must always be maintained and symptomatic treatment instituted. Administration of autogenous vaccine made from secondary infection focci is often of value. External heat must be applied to the axilla continuously until the infection is aborted or a diagnosis of abscess formation is made. Then surgical treatment of free drainage and sterilization of the wound by the Carrol-Dakin method is usually found most effective.

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Decline Death Rate of Pulmonary Tuberculosis

Hippocrates, who lived, practiced medicine, and wrote many masterpieces on medicinal subjects in the period of 400 B. C, made the statement that the disease which proved most dangerous and caused the most deaths was consumption. This statement remained true for 2,300 years. Within the last decade, consumption, or tuberculosis, as it is now more popularly called, has gradually declined from first to third and now to seventh place among the causes of death. The White Plague, the “King of Death,” has surrendered its throne in favor of six other diseases, excepting in the age period of 20 to 40, where it still leads.

The specific cause of pulmonary tuberculosis was discovered in 1882, when Koch, a German physician, isolated the bacillus in his laboratory. It had not been isolated earlier by Koch or others because it does not take the ordinary stains that other bacilli do, on account of the coating of fat, or waxy capsule, around it.

In the past 25 years the death rate of tuberculosis in the United States has declined from 200 to 74 per 100,000 deaths. Even with such a wonderful decline, this one disease is still taking more than 5,000 human lives a year in Illinois.

This reduction in number of deaths has been made without a specific medicine, for there has not yet been found any specific’ cure for tuberculosis. We have no drug, no chemical that will kill the tubercle baccilli without destroying the tissues in which they are embedded. Here is a field for investigation and research, to find a specific cure for this dreaded disease.

The reduction has been made by earlier recognition and earlier diagnosis and by the time-tried treatment of rest, fresh air, and good food—building up the body of the patient—so that the work of the bacillus may be overcome. Were I asked to name the one most important cause for this reduction, I would unhesitatingly say, “Education.” I mean education in its broadest terms:

(1) Education of the physicians, that they may learn to look for tuberculosis and to recognize it early. For in early discovery is early recovery. Physicians generally agree that the treatment, until a specific medicinal treatment is found, is rest, fresh air, and good food, and that climate is a minor factor.

(2) Education of the public by the physicians in the knowledge that tuberculosis is preventable and curable, that it is not hereditary, but contagious, and that a person contracts the disease from other persons who have active cases of tuberculosis, or by drinking milk from tuberculous cows.

(3) Education that enables our people to live better, by working fewer hours, and enables them to live under more sanitary conditions. The idea must be universally accepted that fresh air, sunshine, and clean water are necessities of good health; that they are the best and least expensive remedies at our command; and that in tuberculosis, as in many other conditions, “common sense” is the best medicine.

(4) Educational campaigns relative to public health, under the direction of the national, state, and county tuberculosis associations, through all the schools, colleges, and universities, with particular attention to the diseases that are the major causes of death.

(5) A program of research promoted by societies, clubs, and institutional agencies, and particularly by the Illinois State Academy of Science, for it is the belief of many of our best authorities that the desired specific cure will be found by the chemists, who may learn how to dissolve the coating of wax and thus kill the bacillus.

Conclusion and recommendation. Since education, as defined in these terms, is the greatest factor in the decline of the death rate from pulmonary tuberculosis, and since further investigation is needed in order to discover a specific cure for this disease, it is recommended that the Illinois State Academy of Science take a part in promoting education in public health and encouraging research, to the end that the cure may be found.

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